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59-info@2xwhite ABOUT PQ ARCHITECTS

At PQ Architects, Phil Quayle works personally with every client and from that relationship develops the design to meet and exceed the clients needs and expectations.

From conceptual design to project completion, your design is unique and matched to the environment, climate, your needs and your lifestyle.

Designing a new home or renovating an older property can be both exciting and daunting. At PQ Architects we can provide a complete design package, from conceptual design through to the finished product. The client is encouraged to contribute as much or as little as he or she feels comfortable to the design process. The design process is broken down into easily understandable stages with inputs and approvals from the client at each stage.

Remember, the better prepared you are, and the more you understand about the design process the less chance there is of misunderstanding, unintended results and unexpected costs.


Phil Quayle Architect
Phil qualified as an architect in the UK and after working on numerous commercial projects (hotels, museums, sports stadiums, offices and housing), Phil moved to Australia in 1989.

Phil joined Media 5 Architects (Des Brooks International) on the Gold Coast where he worked on resort hotels and commercial office projects.

Having later qualified as a builder Phil worked as a Building Surveyor and Certifier in Noosa.

In 1999, he established his own architecture practice specialising in the design of luxury houses.

Phil has since built up a prestigious portfolio of work throughout Australia, and also takes commissions from overseas.

140-gradhat@2xwhite QUALIFICATIONS

B.Sc (Architecture)
Registered Architect UK (No. 044660B)
Registered Architect in Australia (No. 2771)
AIA Membership (No. 29971)
Registered Builder (No. 31789)
Building Surveyor (Retired)

85-trophy@2xwhite AWARD WINNING HOMES

Since inception, the houses PQ Architects have designed have won numerous industry awards:

2010 HIA Sunshine Coast Commendation Home above $1million
2008 QMBA Queensland Renovation over $375,000
2007 QMBA Sunshine Coast Queensland Home of the Year $850—$1.5m
2007 QMBA Sunshine Coast Individual Home $850—$1.5m
2005 HIA Brisbane/Gold Coast Display Home of the Year
2005 QMBA Brisbane Display Home over $380,000
2004 HIA Brisbane/Gold Coast Custom Built House $500,000—$750,000
2004 QMBA Sunshine Coast Display Home over $600,000
2004 QMBA Queensland Display Home over $250,000
2003 QMBA Sunshine Coast Display Home over $250,000
2002 HIA Display Home of the Year
2001 HIA Queensland Display Home of the Year
2001 QMBA Sunshine Coast Display Home of the Year over $250,000

145-persondot@2xwhite UNIQUE DESIGNS

At PQ Architects, we do not have a pre-determined house style that we impose upon the client.

Through discussions with the client we develop a detailed brief which takes into consideration the budget and site conditions.

With this information we create concept plans and elevations which reflect the individual taste and aspirations of each individual client to create a unique new home.

Visit our design galleries to see some examples of our unique style.


At PQ Architects, we are committed to producing sustainable architecture through the innovative application of established principles of ecologically sustainable design (ESD).

Our expertise in natural heating and cooling , sustainable materials and water conservation maximises the environmental performance of our buildings which influences our unique architectural aesthetic.

Click here for a summary of the principles PQ Architects employs to achieve Sustainable Low Energy Contemporary Architecture.

Sustainability is the catch-phrase of the 21st Century, and whether climate change is man-made or not is irrelevant - employing the principles of sustainability for low energy design in your contemporary architecture makes sense on so many levels, it would be remiss not to include it at the design stage of any building project.

There are many benefits to be enjoyed from utilising sustainability principles, which can generally be summarised into three categories - health, value and cost.

Benefits of sustainable design go beyond economics; they also relate to improved health for the inhabitants of green buildings. Many owners and buyers now place a premium on sustainable and innovative design for their homes (or workplaces) as a way to bolster the inhabitants health and satisfaction. Green buildings have benefits including improved air quality (through low emission products and natural ventilation), thermal, and acoustic environments, enhanced occupant comfort, minimisation of strain on local infrastructure and contribution to overall quality of life.

Sustainable designs benefit owners by increasing real estate values. Given the choice between an older home and one that has been fitted (or retrofitted) with sustainable design features, buyers are more likely to purchase the more sustainable property - even if it means paying more upfront.

Why? Because savvy buyers know that sustainable design facilities usually more than pay for themselves in the long run.

The single most important financial incentive for sustainable design is lower operating costs.

Today's sustainable design features target energy efficiency, resulting in lower costs for heating, cooling, and lighting your building. In a market with rising energy prices, sustainable design efficiencies will save you money now and for many years to come.

At PQ Architects, we make sure all of these considerations are accounted for in your design.

You can learn more about these principles and other possible financial incentives like government rebates that may be available by visiting the links in our blog post.

119-piggy-bank@2xwhite COST EFFECTIVE BUILDING

Whilst PQ Architects are not cost consultants, we take advice from independent cost consultants or builders during the design process in order to determine that our designs comply in general terms with the client’s budget.

To determine the best possible value for money for our client we recommend that at least three competitive building quotations are obtained. PQ Architects will invite tenders and assess quotations on behalf of the client and can offer post contract services to the client during the building process if required.


We specialise in the design of contemporary luxury homes and work with you to achieve a successful outcome. The experience and methodologies at PQ Architects helps us achieve excellence in architecture across all our projects.

Learn more by visiting our design process page.

Benefiting from Sustainable Low Energy Contemporary Architecture

171-sun@2xPassive Solar Control
The greatest gains in temperature control can be made through careful planning and choice of materials. Factors to be considered include:
• Orientation
• Cross ventilation
• Shading
• Insulation
• Landscaping and pools
• Solar Control Glass and window design
• Thermal mass
99-umbrella@2xLow Water Consumption
Water is now metered and increasingly expensive water consumption can be minimised by use of:
• Water Storage tanks for home landscaping
• Reuse of grey water
64-zap@2xLow Energy Consumption
Australia’s sunny climate gives us access to free clean energy in our homes.
• Solar Hot Water – panels or heat exchange
• Solar Power Panels – can generate electricity for our homes and to sell surplus back to the power grid
• Solar swimming pool heating
In addition:
• Low energy lighting
• Low energy appliances
• Centralised power control systems which efficiently monitor power consumption.