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PQ Architects have the qualifications, professional training, vision and experience to manage your entire architectural design and construction process.

We will help you set a viable and realistic budget, guide you through the planning and design process, obtain competitive quotes for the work, arrange for building certification and liaise with consultants like surveyors and engineers. Critically, we can observe and report on the progress of construction on site to ensure you get the quality and level of finishes you require so that your project is a complete success, from start to finish.

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We prepare a written design brief based upon information provided by you, for instance – accommodation requirements, budget, your preferred style of design. Any information you can provide at this stage could be useful in the form of a scrapbook of your ideas etc.
Whilst PQ Architects are not cost consultants we endeavour to ensure that the client approved concept plans will meet with the owners budget by obtaining- a. Three independent builders estimates, or b. coordinating a client appointed cost consultant or quantity surveyor.
We gather detailed information about your site from statutory authorities. We analyse the site in terms of orientation, views, boundaries, easements, levels etc. We obtain a registered plan of the site and require that detailed levels and a boundary survey is carried out.
We prepare concept designs based upon the brief and site analysis. We would expect concept designs would be discussed and amended as required until you have fully approved the proposals. To encourage flexibility and imagination our concept design drawings, plans and elevations are hand drawn to scale and include proposals for landscaping and pool design.
Your approved concept drawings are checked and prepared on CAD Format (Computer aided design). Amendments and refinement are then carried out following feedback from you and the consultants. CAD Format plans elevations are issued to you for approval.
We issue 3D perspectives of your proposed home so that you can see exactly what your house is going to look like before the work proceeds on site.
If required PQ Architects will prepare plans, diagrams, studies and reports necessary for applications that maybe constrained by Town Planning or Development Application requirements. These constraints can apply if you are building on a small block, or in a heritage area, or a block with planning overlays, or intending to subdivide the land or build multi units.
PQ Architects prepare and submit a comprehensive set of documentation and drawings for the Building Certifiers, and monitor progress.
Additional consultants may be required during the design and build process. These may include –
• Structural engineer
• Land Surveyor
• Energy Efficiency Consultant
• Building Certifier
• Interior Designer
PQ Architects will coordinate the work of consultants on your behalf.
PQ Architects prepare on your behalf the tender documentation for issue to the builders. We can generally suggest a number of builders whose work is of a good standard so that you can be more confident that the work will be carried out in a professional manner, and advise on the most effective way for you to select a builder that can complete the construction within the brief. PQ Architects normally advises a minimum of 3 builders submit tenders in order to obtain a competitive quotation. Should you wish, we can assist coordinate and assess the builders quotation and negotiate the best outcome for your building contract.
Following the submission of the tenders from the builders PQ Architects will report and assess tenders. In addition we can assist in negotiating amendments to the tender if required.
PQ Architects can be retained to carry out regular site visits to observe the progress of the works in accordance with the architectural documentation. We can organise regular site meetings and issue minutes to you with regular progress photographs, and liaise with consultants and statutory authorities on your behalf. We aim to ensure that the project is successfully completed to the quality and level of finishes you require.